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The Journal of the American Society of Acupuncture (JASA) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly, scientific journal. It is Medline compliant. Published and first-time authors are welcome to submit articles about acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and integrative and evidence-based medicine.

JASA publishes original research, clinical practice pieces, case reports, meta-analyses, literature reviews, conference proceedings, translations, and affiliated pieces on business practice, policy, ethics, law, insurance, education, history and culture, nomenclature, conference proceedings, and related disciplines.

We do not publish articles on AOM veterinary medicine.

Deadlines for submission: Articles are welcome anytime but by or before:

  • December 15 for the spring issue
  • March 15 for the summer issue
  • June 15 for the fall issue
  • September 15 for the winter issue

Submit to:

Please read our Author Guidelines before submitting to JASA. (download )



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